Remote Monitoring

NBIoT Connectivity

Our sensors use NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT) which is a Telstra communications technology designed for low power, low data devices to connect to the internet. It doesn’t require a base station and covers the majority of Australian  Coverage map can be found by Googling – Telstra NBIoT Coverage Map

Custom Projects
  • Water Table
  • GPS Water Tracking
  • Beerfarm
  • Engineering consulting
  • Software Development
  • Business Rythem and Construction SaaS

Connectivity Plans

Data – Sent from your device at least every hour
Dashboard & Mobile App Access – Your data anywhere
Customer Support – Here to help while you’re connected
Custom Alerts – Sent to your phone, email & team
Multiple User Accounts – Access for your whole team

All in the palm of your hand!

One Sensor or many?

Our connectivity plan is made to help save you money as you improve your farm monitoring. Grouping devices and reducing costs the more you have. 

Farm Monitoring System