Our dashboard is designed to provide you with instantaneous and actionable insights, transforming raw data into meaningful information. With an intuitive interface, it offers a real-time overview of your operations, allowing for informed decision-making and efficient management.

Here’s what you will get when using it.

Live Data Visualization

Visual Representation of All Your Data

Benefits: Instantly grasp trends, patterns, and anomalies, facilitating quick identification of operational performance and potential issues.

Customised Alerts and Notifications

Tailored Alerts Based on Your Preferences. As Many As You Want!

Benefits: Receive immediate notifications for critical events, enabling proactive responses and minimizing downtime. Alerts sent to your email, InnovateIOT app push notifications and also desktop notifications.

Centralised Sensor Monitoring

Access All Your Device in One Dashboard

Benefits: Streamline monitoring processes and eliminate the need to navigate through multiple platforms. Tank levels, water flow, pump control, cameras and more, all in one dashboard.

Frequent Device Updates

Obtain Device Status at Regular Intervals, with Information Refreshed Every Hour and For Some Upon Instant Request

Benefits: Regular updates provide timely insights into asset information and performance. This approach ensures efficiency in monitoring and allows for prompt responses to any emerging issues within the hourly update cycle.

Mobile App

You Can Access Your Dashboard Anywhere You Have Internet Access

Benefits: Enjoy the flexibility to monitor operations and make critical decisions whether you are in the office or on the go. The responsive design ensures a consistent and user-friendly experience across devices, empowering you with insights wherever you are.

Historical Data Analysis Stored for Life

Access to All Your Data All The Time

Benefits: Understand performance trends over time, enabling strategic planning and continuous improvement. All your data is stored in the cloud to ensure easy access and safe storage.

Easy to Use with Continuous Updates

We Are Always Trying to Improve And Want You to Tell Us How Too.

Benefits: Always using the best technologies and listening to our clients makes for continuous updates. Ensuring that your dashboard remains robust, secure, and equipped with the latest tools, providing an evolving and future-ready solution for your operational needs.

Customised Reports

Generate Tailored Reports Email Out When You Want Them Too

Benefits: Obtain detailed insights for different stakeholders, supporting data-driven decision-making at every level.