Tank Level Sensor

Ultrasonic sensor technology for tank level measurements, gives you extremely accurate information every 60 min to know how your tanks are running. Battery powered with a life of approximately 3-5yrs, our sensors are plug and play. Setup custom alerts for each device, sent to your mobile phone, for consistent liquid level management.

Water Flow Sensor

Detecting water flow volume & flow rate for 1/2 “, 1”, and 2” pipes. Set custom alerts for high flow rate and volume of water over a period of time for pipe leak detection, helping to avoid the waste of water. It is designed for on farm use, but can be easily adapted for indoor use too. 

Rain Gauge Sensor

Optical Rain Gauge measures rainfall volume and intensity accurately and reliably. Maintenance-free monitoring for specific location-based rain measurements. Replacing the conventional tipping buckets rain gauges. It uses beams of infrared light within its plastic lens to measure the water droplets. This accurate and cost effective, robust rain gauge is the new way of rain monitoring on farms in Australia. 

Rain Gauge Sensor

Electric Fence Monitor

Know when your electric fence is down. Where its one section or all of it, knowing your boundaries are maintained is essential to your operations. Our electric fence monitor will notify you when the current changes in your system. 

Pump Control System Station

Our Remote Pump Control System is the solution designed for seamless pump management from your phone. With real-time insights updated every 5min, this user-friendly system offers a continuous view of the pump status. Accessible from both computers and mobile apps, it ensures convenient On/Off control. Smart, Responsive, and Future-ready.

Weather Station

Weather Sensor are a versatile solution engineered for precise environmental monitoring in diverse applications. All-in-one sensor measures air temperature, relative humidity, rain volume, rain rate, wind speed and wind direction (ultrasonic) and provides a location Fire Danger Index. Built to thrive in rugged environments, it finds its ideal use in outdoor settings.

Remote Static Camera

See whats happening with our remote static cameras. Setup anywhere you would like, you can now visually monitor your dams, gates and other assets from your phone. Get access to daily images on a schedule and also instantly request images from your phone.

Soil Monitors

Explore precision agriculture with our intelligent Soil Moisture Monitor equipped probe delivering reliable temperature, moisture and salinity-compensated readings. Tailored to your needs with variable probe length options. Accurately monitors soil moisture, enabling precise tracking of Groundwater Content (GWC).