Ultrasonic Weather Station

by InnovateIOT


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Weather Sensor are a versatile solution engineered for precise environmental monitoring in diverse applications. All-in-one sensor measures air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, light intensity, optical rainfall, PM5, PM10, wind speed, and wind direction (ultrasonic). Built to thrive in rugged environments, it finds its ideal use in outdoor settings, agriculture, and smart cities.


  • Custom on all measured data
  • Direct to your phone


  • Comprehensive Measurements: Monitor 9 vital parameters for detailed environmental insights.
  • Embedded Compass: Simplifies installation with an electronic compass/magnetometer; offers the flexibility to manually orient to the North.
  • Easy Mounting: Includes a flange plate and 3m cable for convenient pole mounting.
  • Solar or Direct Power
  • Weatherproof Design: Boasts an IP66 rating, ensuring resilience against water and dust—perfect for outdoor scenarios.
  • Extreme Weather Ready: Integrated heaters for operation in challenging weather conditions.
  • Ultrasonic Technology: Wind sensors with no moving parts for reliable performance.
  • Optical Rain Gauge: Compact and user-friendly design for precise rainfall measurements.
  • Ambient Accuracy: Equipped with radiation shields for accurate ambient measurements.
  • Calibrated and Maintenance-Free: Enjoy calibrated accuracy without the hassle of ongoing maintenance.


  • Smart Agriculture
  • Smart City
  • Smart Buildings
  • Transportation and Traffic
  • Smart Industry
  • Weather Monitoring