Enviro Consulting Australia is a professional consulting service that caters to a range of clients from agriculture, infrastructure, mining and other industries with the aim of providing solutions to environmental challenges. However, they faced a challenge of their own.

The problem

When undertaking site and soil assessments for wastewater irrigation, the need to continuously measure groundwater depth over the wet-season provided an obstacle to the company’s operations. Conducting in person checks at the various locations were too arduous, costing the company valuable time, especially as the company is Perth based and services clients near Margaret River.

To find a solution, Enviro Australia worked with InnovateIOT to brainstorm possible sensor solutions that could be deployed in the field to solve their monitoring problems. As a result, two potential sensors were put forward as solutions that would provide real-time results via the Internet of Things, allowing the monitoring data to be checked online via an app.

The outcome

During the 2023 wet-season Enviro Consulting Australia deployed 20 of the InnovateIOT’s ultrasonic level sensors across several sites in the southwest of WA. These sensors operated consistently providing real-time data of groundwater depth at a cost-effective price.

Throughout the process, InnovateIOT continued providing technical support, including custom modifications to work with the Enviro Australia’s specific application, and an easily accessible software interface that had an option for Enviro Australia’s clients to access. Enviro Australia has found working with InnovateIOT beneficial and will continue to deploy their devices in the future.
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